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Dr. K.R Maghalakshmi


Dr. K.R Maghalakshmi

Member Trustee

Being a doctor and practicing in the rural areas she has mastered the skillful art of counselling and curing.

Having gone through more traditional forms of schooling herself, she fully understands the value for holistic education offered by the Marigold International School at all levels as opposed to unquestioned rote-based learning within most schools in India.
Besides playing the role of MEMBER TRUSTEE in the MARIGOLD TRUST she also actively takes part in the overall development of the school.

She strongly believes that education ought to cater to the needs of each child rather than the other way around, so that students learn to set goals and high standards for themselves to accomplish, rather than to quantitatively compare themselves with their peers.

    • Child Safety
    • Pastoral Care
    • Benchmarked Curriculum
    • Value System
    • Shaping the Personality
    • 360 Degree Teachers Enrichment Program
    • Career Readiness
    • Global Citizens
    • Quest for Excellence
    • International Standard Sports Infrastructure
    • Best Facility Backed Affordable School in South Bengaluru