10 Benefits Of Choosing School Buses For Students

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School buses were put to use for a well thought reason once. It is still one of the most preferred and widely used transportation systems for students to commute. Even though parents could drive their little ones to school, buses are preferred more due to an array of reasons that are mentioned below.

Reduction in traffic

A school bus has a minimum seating capacity of at least 50 students. This means that parents of at least 50 students don’t need to use their private vehicles to pick up and drop their kids to school. This further means a lesser number of vehicles on the road, i. e., reduced traffic during the morning rush hour.

Reduction in pollution

The more the number of students who choose to commute in a school bus, the lesser the number of private vehicles used. When one vehicle is replacing almost 50 vehicles on the road, pollution is certainly reduced.

Maintains punctuality

When boarding the school bus to go to the school, students need to be punctual so that they don’t miss it. When parents drop off kids in private vehicles, they tend to be lenient about punctuality. School buses, on the other hand, helps develop a habit of getting up, getting ready and leaving on time every day.

Keeps the kids active

The early to bed and early to rise theory is best put to use when students commute in school buses. Since, school buses have the punctuality factor, it helps maintain a healthy schedule to some extent. Besides, when commuting alone with parents, students aren’t as active as they are when commuting with peers in the school bus.

Encourages friendships amongst students

When travelling with 40-50 co-passengers every single day, students are most likely to form great friendships amongst themselves. It is often found that due to this factor, students prefer commuting in a school bus instead of private vehicles. Enjoying the company of peers while travelling to and from school is one fine perk of school buses.

Safety is highly regarded by the drivers

At Marigold International School, the school bus drivers are highly trained and skilled which is verified by multiple tests. They have no past records of rash driving on the road and are responsible enough to drive safely. In fact, our school buses have added safety features such as GPS tracking, cameras and a person inside the bus to take care of the students.

Promotes a feeling of responsibility

Since parents aren’t there with the kids in the school buses, it encourages them to be responsible and take care of everything all by themselves. This promotes a feeling of responsibility and slowly contributes towards omitting the dependency on parents for every little thing.

Brings peace to the parents

School buses are the safest way of commute for students. Parents can rest assured about the security and safety of their kids. Besides, it saves a lot of time for parents too. They don’t need to juggle between household chores, office timings and dropping off or picking up their children from the school.

Economically beneficial for parents

The cost of petrol or diesel incurred while dropping off or picking up kids from the school is way higher than the monthly charges for the school bus. Children commuting in school buses are pretty much cheaper and don’t burn a hole the pocket of the parents.

Easy and timely access

Marigold International School has different school buses allocated for different routes to make it easily accessible for students living in different parts of the city. Since there exists a well-designed system of bus allocation, reaching school on time is also not a concern as all students have a specific time to board the bus, hence no confusion.

The benefits of availing school transport are many. At Marigold International School, parents and school faculty can track the school buses as there are GPS trackers installed in the bus. The buses are driven by trained and tested drivers who are skilled at their job. Utmost care is taken about the safety of the students. Besides, there is a caretaker in every bus who further ensures the safety of the students. For enhanced management, cameras are installed in all buses. Thus, sit back and relax while we pick up and drop off your child with all the safety.