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Teaching Methodology


The curriculum at Marigold International School has been crafted in such a way to meet the varying needs of every growing child. The spell of childhood is known as a period of rapid change and growth as children seek and utilize many resources for faster learning and stellar achievements. So, it is the need of the hour to sow the seeds of continuous learning through which they can develop the habit of learning new things every day to get into a voyage of uncharted learning heights. So, our to the point and succinct syllabus has been designed to spark such intellect and curiosity from the day one which helps them in the manifold for the later learning in their chosen domain. Our curriculum has a strong focus on a well-designed and personalized approach, a culture of debates and discussion through beautiful preaching, beautiful children anecdotes with a lot of morals at the end, etc.

Marigold International School | Most Flexible and Creative Curriculum
Marigold International School | Carefully Crafted Pedagogy

Through the carefully crafted pedagogy, we force our students to ask questions, getting actively involved during the classroom discussions. This habit of asking questions paves the way to transform a child into an inquirer, critical thinker, and curious individual. Inquiry allows the students to maximize his level of understanding in a manner he wants, and at the amazing rate that is very personal and unique to that student. Our pedagogy is focused on thematic and project-based learning with engaging text, the overall personality development holistically, and practical-bent approach with lessor theory. Through the structured and concise syllabus, we strive to ignite the spark of learning relentlessly in every growing child.


Our qualified teachers adopt a variety of assessment tools and techniques to garner a sense of detailed understanding of each student. These assessments are carried out before, during, and at the end of the unit of study, and many intervals throughout the academic year. This assessment data supports our teacher to design customized learning to our students, meeting the needs of the individuals. Our teachers share the frank feedback of student’s learning behaviour through shared understanding.

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