COVID Protocols

How we are COVID ready school?

Covid-Ready School!  

We are hopeful about our journey to get school life back to normal. In fact, our school  management has decided to make it even better with the inclusion of technology that  enables us to handle unprecedented situations viably. While the excitement is at zenith, we  are underlining all effective measures for a smooth transition of Study from Home to Study  from School. 

A normal day looks like: 

100% Secure & Sanitized School Transport

Maintaining social distancing, our school vehicles will run on 50% capacity to ensure no  transmission of germs. The verified support staff will ensure students sanitize their hands  before onboarding the vehicle along with temperature checks every day. Masks are made  compulsory.

Thorough Check at Gate

Entering the school gate means following a routine including going through medically  testified sanitizing sprayers, temperature checks and continuous use of masks. Full provisions  are made to tackle overcrowding with the use of multiple checkpoints.

Deep Sanitization of Classrooms

Daily cleaning and sanitization of classrooms and its furniture is done to protect our students  and staff from virus spread through surface contamination. The classrooms are restructured  to improve ventilation and distance between students’ desks. All necessary actions will be  taken to ensure each individual’s comfort once we begin school.

Faculty and Support Staff Health Check

We are determined to nullify the spread of the virus at our campus. Hence, our faculty and  support staff will be monitored regularly. Submission of COVID test reports before joining and  at an interval is deemed mandatory. Once verified by doctors, we allow the entry. At all times,  we are going to abide by the preventive measure defined by WHO guidelines. 

Campus Events & Social Distancing

To avoid crowding, we will only organize assemblies in small batches that follow social  distancing norms. We have limited entry into the campus to ensure frictionless-movement  within the campus. We’ll continue to leverage the benefits of global webinars and online  training from experts without in-person contact. 

Isolation Infirmary

A specialized infirmary is made available for isolating an emergency case that may show any  symptoms of flu, viral or seasonal. We are well-equipped to provide the first-aid response.  Also, our association with local hospitals strengthens our medical facilities.

Child Counselling During COVID

Our student counsellors are trained to address pandemic fatigue, social anxiety and other  mental health issues which are caused by the lockdown due to COVID. We introduce  exercises and therapy sessions for students to release bottled feelings and anchor their  emotions for the greater good. 

Digitally, Transformed!

Our online platform associations and partners are helping AIS to become one of the best  centres of global education. It enables us to deliver avant-garde curricular that integrates  seamlessly with online as well as offline study.