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Mathematics Lab

It is a place where our students experiment and explore different ideas and patterns. Our school has established a well-equipped such laboratory wherein the learning about numbers, problem-solving with real-time situations, and reasoning becomes fun.  The unique approach of the laboratory teaching mathematics exposes the opportunity to understand the beauty, relevance, and usage in day-to-day life.


Computer Lab

Educating through books without knowing about the computer is no education at all. We have an established computer lab with a capacity of 25 to 30 computers with the latest windows. Our learned computer teachers educate and teach our students from the fundamental to the most advanced level.

Language Lab

An established Language Laboratory is reserved for learning the different languages where the students have access to audio and audio-visual materials. Our English Lab has the facility of many advance tools-digital media control, wireless headsets, and microphones to help the students understand the exact pronunciation to develop the persuasive communication skill, which is indispensable in modern time.

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Science Lab

A science lab is an essential segment to perform scientific research. These researches are extremely important to understand the concepts in the best possible way after class work. We have an established advanced science lab to perform a variety of tests and researches under the guidance of an expert mentor.

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