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Chairman’s Message

MIS Chairman | Dr. Ujwala Nagaraja Rao Jagdale

As a chairman of Marigold International School, I want to welcome each of you to the campus, and express my great excitement for your years ahead, learning and exploring many things.

It is our duty that every student of ours excel in the field he or she chooses before acquiring the higher studies in college or different abroad and Indian universities. Students are just like saplings. The amount of watering at the ripe time to saplings will decide to reap the dividends of green and tall trees, giving the juicy fruits. Similarly, mentoring the students through the latest curriculum turns out to be making a self-reliant, matured, disciplined, and mannered individual. So, we also encourage to develop the stimulating, learning-friendly, and purposeful atmosphere for the faster progress of each student.

Apart from academic excellence and infusing burning curiosity to learn and grow, Marigold is always at its toes to invent and discover the new talents. It encourages to adopt good habits, develops positive attitude and values such as right manner, punctuality, self-respect, and respects to the others, team spirit, enthusiastic, compassion, dignity for the labors, freedom of mind and a sweet temperament.

To infuse such above qualities, Marigold offers the best possible extra-curricular activities on and beyond campus. Under the mentorship of our researchers and academicians, we hold an array of events such as debates, drama, quiz, western music, Hindustani music, a variety of different dance form, and Yoga & Aerobics, etc.

In concluding lines, as a responsible and presiding chairman of this school, I shoulder the responsibility of discharging the latest and most creative education to meet the requirement of the competitive world. We will not leave any stone unturned to provide the launchpad for the successful story of every student of ours.


Dr. Ujwala Nagaraja Rao Jagdale

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” William Butler Yeats

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