7 Things that Parents of Successful Kids Do Differently

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While the definition of success varies from one person to another, all parents want their kids to become successful, responsible and independent individuals as they grow up. However, not all kids grow up to be successful in their career or personal lives. Then what gives an edge to the ones who do succeed and make a difference? 

Sure, there are numerous factors that come into the picture when determining an individual’s success or failure. However, despite all things else, a child with the same education, wealth and opportunities as his successful peers, may not succeed. What creates a difference here? Upbringing. Yes, even though every parent wants their child to be successful, every parent has their own way of upbringing their little ones. This rests as a crucial factor in determining the success or failure of an individual. Although there is no guidebook on how to make your child successful, as everyone’s circumstances are different, here are a few things that parents of successful kids do differently.

They lead actively in their day-to-day lives

Parents who want success for their children, do not rely on an institution or others to build their child’s personality. They step in to teach their children moral values, emotional intelligence, boundary setting and much more to build their character. They can do so simply by infusing crucial lessons in day-to-day activities. For instance, they don’t let their child crib about every little thing, instead, they teach them to take action.

They stick to a vision for the family

Individuals who are confused as parents are often incapable of helping their kids to achieve their highest potential. Parents of successful kids mostly have a vision for themselves and their kids. It need not be a detailed plan of every next move but it certainly has a structure of what to do and most importantly, what not to do. Sure, experimentation is necessary but cluelessness can be hazardous. They motivate their kids by setting clear goals and helping them achieve the same.

They act as role models for their children

Studies show that individuals who develop social skills during their childhood, are likely to do better in life than the ones who don’t. Parents, obviously, are the most influential and primary role models for their kids. Much of a child’s behaviour is developed by observing their parents over the couple of years. It is thus important to teach children the ability to share, co-operate, understand and listen to others. It is necessary for parents to not only preach but practice kindness, honesty, and other qualities that they wish to inculcate in their children.

They encourage decision making abilities

Decision making is one of the most important qualities of leadership. Individuals who are good at decision making are often successful leaders. It is for this reason that parents of successful kids encourage their children to make decisions from an early age. The ability to make decisions promotes a feeling of empowerment in children which further evolves as a leadership quality over time. Thus, start encouraging your children to make decisions. For instance, what do they want for dinner today or what clothes do they want to where, etc.

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They effectively communicate with their children

It is extremely important for parents to build an effective way to communicate with their kids. The previous generations have struggled to form a healthy relationship with their kids due to multiple factors. Of course, a generational gap is bound to exist between a child and a parent but the best way to bridge that is through effective communication. Allow your child to communicate their feelings and emotions with you. They look up to you for guidance. Only when they know that they can confide in you without the fear of judgement, can they truly be transparent with you. Not only will this strengthen the relationship, but will also give your child the confidence to face the world.

They track their child's growth and development

Parents of successful kids not only take an active participation in their education but also learn, research and understand other aspects to track the all-round development of their child. Just how the kids learn and grow, you too can keep updating your methods of parenting with change and circumstances. Make effective use of technology to learn, track and promote mutual growth and development.

They nurture an environment of honesty

Kids are bound to fail at some point or the other. It is easy to reprimand them but it takes immense patience to understand the child’s flaws, accept them and help them grow accordingly. Give your child honest feedback. Do not shut them off when they’re wrong. Instead, take a step to build a nurturing environment where failure is seen as a part of learning. 


This is no strict guide to parenting but a few notes on the lines of effective parenting. At Marigold International School, we provide an environment that helps students evolve into their best selves which can be further reinforced with effective parenting.