8 Ways To Help Your Kids Find Their Passion

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Often we come across the term ‘passion’ with respect to multiple references in our day-to-day lives. Some may use it to express a strong and compelling emotion. Some may even refer to it as an indispensable longing for something. Many equate it with life’s purpose at most times.

When talking in terms of career, passion is one crucial aspect that is of significant importance for all individuals. When a career path is chosen out of responsibility or peer pressure, dissatisfaction is certain to crawl in after a point of time. It is thus important for individuals to choose a career out of sheer passion that can help them grow and evolve through the years.

However, to find one’s passion is no cakewalk. Even adults take up to years trying and failing to finally find the thing they are passionate about. In that regard, helping children find their passion is an equally challenging task for parents, especially when the options and opportunities are countless.

To help make your job a tad bit easier, here are a few ways that you can bring to use to help your kids find their passion.

Nurture their innate talents

Even though children might be oblivious to their passion at their age, parents and teachers can often spot things they are naturally great at. Try and spot your child’s natural talents without any personal biases.

Providing the right encouragement and supporting them to excel at things they are naturally talented at can emerge as their passion for a lifetime.

Challenge your child

There’s no formula that says passion can only be something children are naturally good at. There can be a myriad of things that your child may not be good at initially but enjoys doing. At the end of the day, passion is all about what one enjoys wholeheartedly.

Thus, challenge your child to try out things that they aren’t great at. These can be activities your child may not even be very fond of because they think they aren’t good enough. So challenge and see if they enjoy it truly.

Enroll them in any sport

Regardless of whether it is dance, football, cricket or soccer; ask your child’s preference and sign them up for any sport they like.

For kids, being physically active is way beyond honing something they’re passionate about. Physical activities not only help them to stay fit and active physically but also help them improve their brainpower.

Sign them up for an instrument class

There are numerous reasons why experts suggest that kids should learn to play at least one musical instrument. Besides finding out if music is their cup of tea, learning how to play a musical instrument helps improve focus, retention power and provides a lifelong comfort in music. 

Even if music isn’t their passion, often musicians end up discovering their interest in writing and other forms of art.

Oversee them during their homework

It isn’t necessary that your child will only be passionate about something in contemporary fashion. When your child is completing his/ her homework, you may notice their immense dedication towards solving mathematical problems or reading books of literature. Your child can be passionate the traditional way and you may nurture that accordingly.

Engage your child in chores

Your favourite chef didn’t master the art of cooking overnight. There’s a chance that your kid might be passionate about something beyond studies, extracurriculars or sports. For that matter, engage them in different types of chores and try to notice what all they enjoy doing or did beyond expectations. Foster that skill accordingly.

Spend time with your child

When you talk to your child about your interests and passions, there’s a healthy chance that they will express their thoughts as well. Read age-appropriate books to them or watch suitable movies. You may notice that your kid is inclined towards a particular niche or type of movies and/ or books. This can be a clue as to what can be your child’s passion and you can then foster that accordingly.

Let them be bored

Contrary to what’s popularly conceived, boredom isn’t actually a bad thing for children. It is at this point where they put their brain to work and think and do creative things. 

Their space is often filled with readymade things and tasks to do. When the kids are bored, that’s when they look for new things with an imaginative eye. 

Besides all these measures, know that your child isn’t bound to be great at anything from the first instance. There can also be a high chance where your kids will end up with new things to be passionate about every now and then. Have patience! 

At Marigold International School, we try and deliver individual attention to each student. This helps our educators understand the interests of them deeply which further facilities recognition of their passion.