How To Help Your Child Deal With Difficulties In Learning

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Every student is different and their ability to deal with different situations is also different. All students are unique in their own way and it’s exactly what makes each one of them special. Understanding that we all have our strengths and weaknesses is key to making the most of your child’s learning experience. 

At Marigold International School, we recognise and meet the needs of all students. Some may need a little extra help when it comes to challenging subjects like maths or sciences. Some may find it hard to learn history. You might be surprised to know that you don’t need to become discouraged if your child struggles with what seems like the simplest tasks. Not only do we provide extra support, but we also try to make them see problems in a simplistic way. 

Understand your child’s learning pace 

Every child is different and it is important that they are educated in a way that maximises their strengths. While some children take to learning easily, others need more time and attention. Our team at Marigold International School, which is one of the best schools in Bengaluru, can help your child discover their own potential as we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities along with small class sizes, study periods and qualified teachers who adapt to the needs of each student at all stages of his or her education. 

Implement the right approaches 

It is important to note that everyone is different in their own particular way. While there are many strategies and learning approaches you can use when helping your child with learning difficulties, it’s really vital to get to know your child and tailor an approach that fits his/her needs the best while utilising tools like play-based learning or even some of the simpler activities like taking time out of each day to talk about things they learned. Together, mixing these strategies and simple interactions with activities into your daily routine will have a positive effect on your child’s academic achievement no matter how great or small. 

The age-old praise and reward method works 

Even if your kid is experiencing some challenges with learning, don’t get them down. Focus on the best that they have to offer. By identifying their strengths and encouraging a growth mindset, helping your child flourish and develop is easier than not. If your child feels competent about his or her achievements, it develops determination over time to learn more and tackle even more challenging goals because he/she may be having trouble performing well in one area of study but will do great in another. Praise them genuinely and reward when they’ve really accomplished something good for their age. It goes a long way, trust us! 

Deconstruct goals together 

If you are trying to prepare your child for a difficult school assignment or challenge their intellectual abilities, it is imperative that you break the project down into smaller tasks. Encourage them to visualise their own progress and appreciate themselves for every task they complete, no matter how menial. Make sure you aren’t setting impossible tasks that will overwhelm and discourage them; instead allow them to relax between projects so they are able to focus better on figuring out solutions. A broken down goal is much easier to accomplish in the form of smaller tasks. 

Comparison is NEVER the solution 

It is common for parents to stress about their children’s grades, but it’s important to remember that there’s more to a child’s ability than his/her grades. The difference between an A+ and the second highest grade can often only be a few percent, so you shouldn’t compare your child with other children as this can only foster resentment, instead focus on challenging him/her in new ways. This will help build up his/her self-confidence by letting him/her know that even if they’re not getting an A+ (which isn’t always better than the second highest grade) they can still accomplish things in other ways. Help figure them out a way to improve together. 

At Marigold International School, we encourage our students to face their fears. Our faculty helps simplify concepts that students find difficult to understand. In fact, the queries of each student are attended to.