Importance of Discipline in Student’s Life

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Discipline is indeed the most important personality trait that everyone should possess in order to grow in life. It is important not only for kids and students but also for adults at different walks of life. Discipline refers to a set of rules and regulations that one should implement while carrying out a certain task or activity.

Honesty, hard-work, motivation and consistency are all integral aspects of discipline. One can say that discipline is the character trait that helps a person to achieve his goals at a given point of time regardless of the challenges that may arise during the process.

Having discipline in our life would help us achieve orderliness, punctuality, efficiency, organization and would help us optimize our focus on tasks undertaken. In the absence of discipline, life is just a ship with no radar that may get lost in the sea.

In this article, we will try and explain to you the importance of discipline in life. We will lay stress on why and how discipline can help improve the quality of your life and why it is regarded so highly when it comes to achieving your goals in life.

Why Is Discipline Important?

Discipline is one of the concepts that a lot of people talk about but hardly a few truly understand and implement it. It is necessary that we start incorporating discipline as a character trait in our day-to-day lives.

We all are aware that our negative attributes are what’s keeping us from achieving our highest potential. Discipline is the key to resist the urge to cave in to our negative attributes. It is the bridge that helps us reach our goals through perseverance of positive attributes with enhanced ability to focus. The following points are the most integral aspects that help establish an understanding of the importance of discipline in life.

Time management

Time management is one of the most important skills that an individual can master. A person who knows how to manage his time has the capability to optimize his productivity and complete all his work within the given deadlines with utmost efficiency.

Discipline helps with time management as it prevents one from wasting time in activities that aren’t fruitful. It provides one with the ability to stay focused and schedule their time properly.

A disciplined person would refrain from giving their time to unnecessary things and would therefore have good time management skills.


Contrary to what some believe, people aren’t born leaders, nor are they made leaders in a day. Most people are chosen to be leaders who are seen to have agency on their management skills. People with leadership qualities have a tight schedule and maintain immense discipline in their life.

They inspire other people and have a sense of confidence that comes from control of their own lives.

Disciplined people usually become great leaders as they possess the key to becoming successful. They set great examples in society.

Decision Making

One of the most common attributes of a successful person is their ability to make decisions. Truth is, even though they make the wrong decisions sometimes, it is their ability to make the best out of the situations that makes their decision good in the end.

Most people are scared to make decisions due to the fear of judgement or failure. This is because they lack discipline which consequently decreases their self-esteem.

People who are disciplined have the ability to stay focused and are stronger mentally. They are capable of aligning their mind and body with their goals and ideas.


People usually have a tendency to belittle the achievements of others by finding a suitable explanation that justifies their own shortcomings. However, disciplined people are always more focused on themselves than on others. Thus, they tend to achieve much more in life than those who focus on belittling the achievements of other people. Even studies show that people who are successful, accredited 92% of their success to being disciplined.

Stability and Structure

Discipline brings in stability as a perk. Now, of course change is constant but to not lose one’s calm when changes are unpleasant, is a stability that only comes with strict discipline in life.

Not only does discipline help a person with more stability in life but it also provides a structure that helps schedule and organize tasks for utmost productivity. Stability and structure together can help one accomplish the most challenging tasks.

At Marigold International School, we try to infuse a strong sense of discipline in our students that not only helps them at school but also goes a long way to help them achieve bigger things in life.