Top 5 parenting mistakes you should avoid

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Parenting is no joke, we get you! The sleepless nights, the weary days and the constant worry of what now and what next is something every parent experiences at some point. Regardless of the number of books and videos you consume on parenting right, it is only human that you will make mistakes.

However, it’s a constant process of trial and error for both parents and children. It is only through countless mistakes and experiences will you learn how and what works best for your children. Even though there is no one-size-fits-all rulebook for parenting, there are certain things that you should avoid at all costs as these may impact your child in the long run.

To make it all easier for you, the following are some of the most important mistakes that you should avoid making as a parent.

Not being a good listener

At most times, children just want to be heard and understood. They need attention and a safe space to express their emotions without the fear of being judged or shushed. We often do not prioritize this but as they grow older, their unattended emotional needs of childhood take an unpleasant turn.

Rather than trying to fix something the moment they share their concern, take a pause to listen to what they really have to say. This will not only help them at that moment but will also strengthen your relationship with increased trust and closeness with one another.

Not allowing them to explore

Your little one is always in a constant spin of exploration and learning since the day they are born. Observing you and the people around helps them learn their mother tongue, expressions and almost all attributes they possess. In a similar manner, playing, exploring and trying out different things facilitates enhanced learning for them.

If you keep them away from exploring things just because they’ve been hurt once or you don’t think they should do it, you’re restricting them from growing healthily. Explain the pros and cons of all things and help them make the right choice for themselves but don’t stop them from exploring things.

Not empathizing with your kid

When your child is going through a challenging situation, you might consider it an easy one due to years of practice and experience. But, that little lad is experiencing something new and his/her ability to deal with it may not be identical to yours or the next kid in the school. It is important that you understand and empathize with your child.

Simple gestures like rubbing their back while they break down in front of you or listening to their side of the story when they’ve let you down can do the work. Make sure that under no circumstances are you comparing your child with anyone else or even yourself. The consequences of doing so might not be pleasant.

Being the perfect parent at all costs

Regardless of what your child does, if you always avoid confronting your child because they’ll think ill of you, you’re actually doing more harm to them. Often parents have a tendency to treat their kid as if they could never be wrong. That’s the worst thing you could do to them. Creating a world where they always get what they want can give them the wrong idea about how reality is.

This will not only cause problems for them but will also be a bane to you in the longer run. They can get themselves and even you in trouble. Thus, be real with them and help them grow up facing reality.

Not practicing what you preach

Children are copycats! They’ll learn what you do and what people around them do. If you or your partner fight a lot around your child, chances are, he/ she will either grow up emotionally damaged or they’ll pick up such a habit. It is necessary to model the right behaviour in front of your little ones. The more you practice and preach, the more will they learn from you!

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